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Between 1st September – 31st October 2022 we encouraged people all over the world to

circumnavigate the world 5 x times in a joint effort (40,075 km circumference).

This sustainable & exciting fundraiser is called


and all natural powered ways of moving forward can be included

(hiking, running, cycling, swimming, sailing, wheelchair etc.) 

Participate from anywhere in the world, log your kilometres and find a sponsor.

Every kilometer counts!

We target to raise 1 million ZAR for education in conservation.

Currently we are collecting all the missing kilometres from all the teams in 44 countries. Once we have the final figures, we will announce it on our Social Media channels.

In the meantime you can check the current stats on:

Where are donations going?

INTRODUCTION of our beneficary – GKEPF

Greater Kruger Environmental Protection Foundation - short GKEPF - was established in 2016, in direct response to the alarming number of endangered animals killed by poachers in the region of the Greater Kruger National Park (GKNP) in South Africa – an area which encompasses more than 20 million hectares of unfenced wilderness and which is host to the largest wild rhino population in the world.

Eleven founding members, including nine private reserves, one provincial park and one national park, came together to form an alliance and registered a non-profit company, GKEPF, to service the protection needs of the western and eastern flanks of the Kruger National Park and the Greater Limpopo Transfrontier National Park. For the most part these wildlife and ecologically sensitive areas are open to the Kruger National Park with no fences separating them. 

GKEPF aims to minimise wildlife crime in this area through aligned approaches, shared resources, effective communication and collaboration with strategic partners.

GKEPF supports the continuous training of field rangers at the coal face of wildlife protection. Skills such as expert trackers and dog handlers are continuously developed. 

The well-being and development of the ranger force is the basis of an effective approach to combat the constant threat on wildlife.

Our overall focus will be on education & teaching:

  • School uniforms for ranger kids

  • Medical & life insurance for rangers   

  • Training & upskilling of Anti-Poaching Teams

  • Production of an educational video to increase sensitivity around poaching 
    for schools & tourist 

For more information about GKEPF please visit their homepage:


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